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The Oracle Service Registry User's Guide is mainly focused on the web user interface. The users to whom this guide is addressed are those who query the registry or publish to it using this interface as opposed to accessing the registry over SOAP. It is comprised of the following sections:

Introduction to Oracle Service Registry

This section is a brief intoduction to Oracle Service Registry including basic concepts of UDDI specifications.

Registry Consoles

This section presents both Business Service Control and Registry Control

Demo Data Description

The Oracle Service Registry's Demo Data chapter describes the business domain and UDDI data structures used in the Oracle Service Registry Demo Suite and both registry consoles.

Business Service Control

Describes the Business Service Control and basic tasks you can perform with it.

Advanced Topics
Access Control Principles

Describes principles of permissions and access control to UDDI data structures.

Publisher-Assigned Keys

Under UDDI v3, users may assign alpha-numeric keys to structures rather than having these keys automatically generated by the registry (as was the case under UDDI v1 and v2).

Range Queries

Oracle Service Registry's range queries functionality allows you to search UDDI entities with the ability to use comparative operators (>, <).

Taxonomy: Principles, Creation and Validation

This section gives you a brief overview of taxonomy classification in Oracle Service Registry

Registry Control Reference

Describes the Registry Control and basic tasks you can perform with it.

Signer Tool

Allows the user to digitally sign published UDDI structures and validate digital signatures.