Business Service Control  Locate

Using the Business Service Control, developers, architects and business users can browse the various perspectives of the registry including business-relevant classifications such as service and interface lifecycle, compliance or operational/readiness status. They can browse information through business-relevant abstractions of SOA information such as schemas, interface local names or namespaces. The Business Service Control also provides easy to use and customizable publication wizards.

The Business Service Control is designed to be consistent, intuitive and user friendly. This documentation demonstrates general procedures using typical examples. It has the following subsections:

Overview  A general description of the Business Service Control user interface.

User Account  User accounts and profiles.

Searching  Searching for providers and endpoints.

Publishing  Publishing providers and services.

Reports  The Reports tab.

Business Service Control Configuration  How an administrator can configure the Business Service Control according to your needs.

Subscription and Notification  How to create and manage subscriptions so that you are notified of changes to data stored in the registry.

Approval Process  The process for approval of publications from the perspective of a requestor or approver.