Demo Data  Locate

Demo data is pre-installed with Oracle Service Registry. There are two demo data sets:

Demo Data for Business Service Control  Locate

Demo data is pre-installed with Oracle Service Registry for use with the Business Service Control. This data describes a financial institution (bank) with several departments. It contains entities providing services for its operations. Entities providing services are modelled as service providers. There are the following providers and their services in the demo data:

Account Services

Account Services provides services related to account information, transfers, check orders, bill pay, online statements.

  • Account - The account service provides the account related operations :getAccount, listAccountDetail, listRelatedAccounts, listTransactionHistory.

  • Bill Payment - The bill payment service provides the ability to establish bill payment service, cancel bill payment service and get information about bill payment for a customer. Operations: authorizeAcctForBillPymt, cancelBillPymtSvc, createBillPymtSvc.

  • Check Order - This service supports new check orders, check reorders, check order inquiry. Operations: getLastCheckOrder, orderChecks, reorderChecks.

  • Direct Deposit Advance -This service supports the operations used to set up the advancement of money. Operation: addDirectDepositAdvance.

  • Notification Services - This service is used to provide notifications. Operation: sendAccountTransferNotification.

  • Stop Payment - This service allows stops to be set and maintained. Operations: addStopPaymentForCheck, cancelStopPay

  • Transfer Funds - This service allows funds to be transferred from one account to another. Operations: authorizeTransfer, sendInvoicePayment, transferFunds.

Customer Management System

Customer relationship and management system.

  • Add Customer - This service allows a customer to be added to the enterprise customer system. Operation: addCustomer.

  • Customer Notification - This service provides notification messages for various customer changes. Operations: customerNameChangeNotif, customerAddressChangeNotif.

Outlet Locator

Provides information about outlets and sites.

  • Outlet - The Outlet service gets all of the information about a Company outlet. Operation: getOutletDetail.

  • Site - This service gets information about a site. Operations: getSiteDetail, listSites, searchSites

Document Services

Provides access to company forms.

  • Electronic Forms - Provides access to company forms. Operations: updateAddrPhone, updateNameAndTitle.

Transaction Services

Middleware applications for posting transactions with high performance SLA.

  • Monetary Transaction - Monetary Posting. Operation: postTransaction.

Each service has a WSDL definition. Demo data also contains information about service interfaces and endpoints including categorization as certification statuses, availability statuses, and stages of lifecycle.

Demo data for Registry Control and demos  Locate

Demo data describes a multinational company with offices in several locations and Oracle Service Registry installed in its headquarters division. The headquarters division has two departments: IT and HR.

There are two predefined users, demo_john and demo_jane. The passwords for these users are the same as their log on names.

Departments are represented as the following Business Entities:

  • Headquarters

  • HR

  • IT

The following taxonomies are used:


Represents the organizational structure (hierarchy). KeyValue is the businessKey of the parent department.


Represents the geographical location of departments. Headquarters is located in a building; IT and HR are located in different floors of the same building. KeyValue is the number of the floor.


Identifies each department uniquely. The value from keyValue can be used as an argument in WSDL services.

Pre-published services are shown in Table 1, “Pre-published Demo Web Services”:

Table 1. Pre-published Demo Web Services

NameWSDL ServiceDescription
Holiday requestYesstored in the HR department; used by employees to submit holiday request
Phone supportNostored in the IT department; used by employees to call IT phone support for help with their PCs.
Employee listYesstored in the HR department, projected to IT department; takes single argument - departmentId; used by employees to view a list of employees that belong to a department.

Assertions are an alternate way to represent relationships between business entities. In the Oracle Service Registry demo data, assertions are created between the Headquarters and HR departments.

The demo data also contains the following resource files located in the REGISTRY_HOME/demos/conf directory:

  • EmployeeList.wsdl

  • employees.xml

  • employees.xsd

  • employeesToDepartments.xsl

  • departments.xml

  • departments.xsd