Server Configuration  Locate

The server configuration may be set during installation or by using the Setup tool after installation. Both of these scenarios use the same set of GUI panels for server configuration shown in this section.

To run the Setup tool, execute the following script from the bin subdirectory of your installation:

Windows: setup.bat
UNIX: ./

See command-line parameters in Setup.

When the Setup Tool is launched, it will prompt for the deployment location of the Oracle Service Registry. See Reconfiguring After Installation for details how to fill this field.

Select Configuration on the second panel.

Figure 13. Setup


For more information on the Setup tool, please see Reconfiguring After Installation.

SMTP Configuration  Locate

Figure 14. SMTP Configuration

SMTP Configuration

Figure 14 allows you to configure SMTP. The SMTP configuration is important when users need to receive email notification from subscriptions and from the approval process.

SMTP Host Name

Host name of the SMTP server, through which all e-mail alerts and notification are sent to administrator and users.


Port number for this SMTP server

SMTP Password

Password to access SMTP server

Confirm password

Retype the same password. Note that if it is not same as the password in the previous box, you cannot continue.

SMTP Default Sender E-mail, Name

Oracle Service Registry will generate email messages with this identity.

Change Server URLs  Locate

Figure 15. Change Server URLs standalone deployment

Change Server URLs standalone deployment

Figure 15 allows you to configure server URLs. There is no context field in a standalone deployment.

Change also ports bound by Registry Server

Select this option to change ports bound to the Jetty server. When 'Change also ports bound by Registry Server' is selected, the connector port field will be enable. It will remain disable if otherwise.

Update demo data

When the option Update demo data is selected demo data will be deployed to the registry as well. However, it is not imported during installation

Change Server URLs Oracle WebLogic deployment

Application Server Context

Context part of the URL, used to access Oracle Service Registry ported to an application server.