System Requirements  Locate

This section explains the requirements which must be met before you start installation. Supported Platforms in Read This First summarizes the software platform options for the current release. So you should:

  1. Ensure the installation machine meets the requirements that follow in Hardware;

  2. Decide which combination of supported platform components will be used;

  3. Ensure each component is installed as described in this section.

Then you can proceed with installation.

Hardware  Locate

Table 1, “Minimum Hardware Specifications” summarizes hardware requirements for the installation machine. The minimum specifications are suitable for experimental use of Oracle Service Registry on a workstation. Although it may be possible to install the product on a machine with lower specifications, performance and reliability may be severely affected. The requirements of servers in a production environment are greater and depend on patterns of use. See Support in Read This First if you need assistance.

Table 1. Minimum Hardware Specifications

CPU1GHzActual requirements depend on the on patterns of use in the target environment.
Disk Space500MB

This is sufficient if the selected database system is installed on another machine.

The database server machine must have sufficient space for the selected database system. The requirements for registry data are quite modest. Each GB typically provides for registration of several thousand additional entities.

So disk performance is more significant.

Java™ Platform  Locate

A supported Java Development Kit is required on the installation machine. A Java Runtime Environment is not sufficient because it must be possible to compile JSP pages at runtime.

Relational Database  Locate

Setting up a relational database during installation is optional - you can instead set it up after installation using the setup tool. See Database Installation.

The installation process allows you to setup a database using one of the other supported database systems, in which case the database server must be installed and running (not necessarily on the same machine). JDBC driver files must generally be available locally.

In this release, Oracle Service Registry supports the following relational databases:

  • Oracle


  • DB2

Application Server  Locate

You can install Oracle Service Registry as a stand-alone application or deploy it to an application server.

In this release, Oracle Service Registry supports the following application servers:

  • Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3

  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g