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Oracle Service Registry may be installed using the following scenarios:

Standalone Registry

This is the default installation scenario; under it the Oracle Service Registry server is deployed to the Oracle WebLogic Server and connects to an external registry database. To perform a standalone installation, follow the instructions at Installation. For more configuration information, refer to Server Configuration and Database Installation.

Approval Process Registry

An installation of Oracle Service Registry may be split into two servers, publication registry and discovery registry. The publication registry is a preliminary server for the publishing, testing, and approval of data. After data is approved, it is promoted to the discovery registry. The discovery registry is configured for inquiry. To install Oracle Service Registry with the Approval Process Registry, follow the instructions in Approval Process Registry Installation.

External Accounts Integration

Oracle Service Registry server may be optionally configured to use external accounts on an LDAP or other account store. It is possible to set up external accounts integration during database installation. For more information, please see Database Installation and External Accounts Integration

Registry cluster

A UDDI cluster is a group of UDDI registries deployed on multiple servers possibly with a clustered database in the back-end. Load balancing is used to distribute requests amongst Oracle Service Registry servers to get the optimal load distribution. Standalone Registry or registry ported to an application server could be configured to cluster with instructions in Cluster Configuration