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Advanced APIs cover the following APIs:

  • Validation API - The Valueset Validation API is used to validate values in keyedReferences involved in save operations that reference checked taxonomies. Valueset validation is defined in the UDDI version 3 specification. Every checked taxonomy requires a Web service that implements this API.

  • Taxonomy API - The Taxonomy API provides a high-level view of taxonomies and makes them easy to manage and query. This API was designed according to the UDDI technical note Providing A Value Set For Use In UDDI Version 3.

  • Category APIs - The Category API complements the Taxonomy API. It is used to query and to manipulate Internal taxonomies in Oracle Service Registry. More information on the subject of internal taxonomies can be found in the API documentation. The categories may be hierarchically organized. Each category may be top-level (without parent), it may have children, or it may be a child of another category. You can drill down through this pattern In the Registry Control.

  • Approval API - The Approval API includes a set of APIs to manage the approval process.

  • Administration Utilities API - The Administration Utilities API provides an interface to perform several low level administrative tasks in Oracle Service Registry.

  • Replication API - The Replication API is used to launch replications in Oracle Service Registry.

  • Statistics API - The Statistics API provides useful information about Oracle Service Registry usage.

  • WSDL Publishing API - Oracle Service Registry WSDL-to-UDDI mapping is compliant with OASIS's Technical Note, Using WSDL in a UDDI registry Version 2.0. It enables the automatic publishing of WSDL documents to UDDI, enables precise and flexible UDDI queries based on specific WSDL artifacts and metadata, and provides a consistent mapping for UDDI v2 and UDDI v3.

  • Resources Publishing APIs - XML2UDDI, XSD2UDDI and XSLT2UDDI. These API sets allow you to manipulate with resources in Oracle Service Registry. XML documents, XML Schemas and XSL Transformations are supported.

  • Inquiry UI API - The Inquiry UI API has been implemented for improving the performance of the Business Service Control. The basic idea is to retrieve data that appear in the Business Service Control using a single API call.

  • Subscription Ext API - The Subscription Extension API has been implemented to allow the user to create subscriptions in the discovery registry of the approval process.