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The following table summarize the directories inside bsc.jar.

Table 83.  bsc.jar Directories

confConfiguration files of the Business Service Control. See Business Service Control Configuration
jspJSP files
srcSource Java files
WASP-INFCompiled Java and JSP classes, libraries, and SOAP stack configuration files
webrootStatic content of Business Service Control pages such as HTML, Javascript, graphics and CSS.

The bsc.jar package depends on the UDDI-service package. So services in the UDDI-service package are available to Business Service Control developers.

If you want to edit and modify any of the Business Service Control's source JSP or Java files, perform the following steps:

  1. Unzip bsc.jar to a temporary location.

  2. Edit the source files.

  3. Compile the Java sources against the libraries in the REGISTRY_HOME/lib directory and the client libraries from the REGISTRY_HOME/dist directory.

  4. Copy the resulting .class files into the WASP-INF/classes directory of the unzipped JAR.

  5. Stop Oracle Service Registry

  6. To preserve any changes made to the Business Service Control configuration at runtime, copy the contents of directory REGISTRY_HOME/work/uddi/bsc.jar/conf to the conf directory of the unzipped JAR.

  7. Zip the JAR again and deploy it over the original file in the REGISTRY_HOME/app/uddi directory.

If you intend to change the JSP files only for testing purposes, you do not have to redeploy the bsc.jar. It is sufficient to modify the JSP files in REGISTRY_HOME/work/uddi/bsc.jar/jsp. You must reload pages in the browser before any change is visible. Note that files under REGISTRY_HOME/work are liable to be overwritten or deleted when packages are re-deployed.

conf Directory   Locate

This directory contains the following configuration files:

Table 84.  conf Directory Contents

bsc.xmlThe Business Service Control configuration file. This contains the configuration of tabs, user profiles, URLs, paging limits, enterprise classifications, and settings for the approval process and subscription components. Also API endpoints and a flag determining whether SOAP communication is used for these. See Business Service Control Configuration.
web.xmlThe deployment configuration file. This contains Business Service Control deployment information such as web interface URLs and contexts. It also defines the location of JSP files, their pre-compiled versions and declared libraries for the JSP engine.
web_component.xmlThe web framework configuration file. This contains the web framework's static settings including definitions of components, tasks and data types, and configuration for menus, context menus, trees and customizable taxonimies.
component_description.xmlThis describes components in terms of their roles, relationships and interfaces.
jsp directory   Locate

This directory contains the JSP files that constitute the base of the Business Service Control and the following subdirectories:

Table 85.  jsp Directory Contents

DirectoryContents (JSP files)
accountAccount management
approvalApproval process interface (part of tools section).
browseReport section of console, includes also entity details pages
catalogCatalog section of console
commonCommon pages for table component actions
configurationContent of configuration section
designDesign including miscellaneous page and frame headers and footers
editorComponent editor components
publishCatalog section of the console
queryQuery framework components
searchSearch section of console
tableTable framework components
taxonomyTaxonomy framework components
toolsTools section components
utilUtility components such as navigationPath
viewEntity list view pages of console
WEB-INFConfiguration files for JSP pages including declaration of use, tag libraries, etc.
wizardThe wizardIterator framework component
src directory   Locate

This directory contains the source files of the Business Service Control

Table 86.  src Directory Contents

Enclosing PackageDescription
com.systinet.uddi.bui.frameworkSource Java files for the Business Service Control framework.
com.systinet.uddi.bui.standardSource Java files for Business Service Control default implementation
WASP-INF directory   Locate

This directory contains the package.xml file for the Business Service Control, and the subdirectories listed in the following table:

Table 87.  WASP-INF Subdirectories

classesCompiled Java classes of the Business Service Control (including the Java parts of components and several utility classes)
jsp-classesPre-compiled JSP pages (JSP parts of components) from the jsp directory
libLibraries for the web application, including JSP, JSTL supporting libraries, etc.

webroot Directory   Locate

Contains subdirectories listed in the following table:

Table 88.  webroot Subdirectories

guiResource files such as CSS, graphics, HTML
gfxA deprecated directory that contained miscellaneous graphic files such as icons, logos, etc.
scriptA deprecated directory that contained Java Scripts and the bui.css file for the Business Service Console