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Advanced demos section includes the following demos:

  • Inquiry Range Queries demo - The Oracle Service Registry Range queries demos set demonstrates, how to use Oracle Service Registry inquiry enhancement - Range Queries. Oracle Service Registry range queries functionality allows you to search UDDI entities with the ability to use comparative operators (>, <) for matching keyValues in keyedReferences.

  • Custody demos - The Registry Custody demo covers the custody transfer aspects of the UDDI API specification. You will learn how to generate a custody transfer token and transfer the ownership of selected structures to another user.

  • Subscription demos - The Registry advanced subscription demos cover the subscription aspects of the UDDI Version 3 Specification. They teach how to use the Registry client API to create new subscriptions, get lists of subscriptions, get subscription results, and delete subscriptions.

  • Validation demos - The valueset validation API provides methods to validate values used in the keyedReferences of checked taxonomies. The checks might range from very simple (check value against list of available values as in the InternalValidation service), to complex, such as performing contextual checks.

  • Taxonomy demos - The Taxonomy API is used to manage and query taxonomies in the Registry. These demos cover all API methods, so you can learn how to download, upload, save, delete, get and find taxonomies. In addition, you can manage individual values in internally checked taxonomies using the Category API.