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The Oracle Service Registry Administrator's Guide contains information necessary for the management of Oracle Service Registry. It is aimed at the user responsible for configuring the registry and managing permissions, approval, and replication. This guide is divided into the following sections:

Registry Management  Registry management includes also management of user accounts and permissions, taxonomy management, and management of the approval process.

Registry Configuration  How to configure the Registry Control.

Business Service Control Configuration  How to configure the Business Service Control.

Registry Control Configuration  This section covers setting the URLs, directories, contexts, timeouts and limits associated with the Oracle Service Registry interface.

Permissions: Principles  This section discusses the mechanism Oracle Service Registry provides for the management of users' rights; permissions allow the administrator to manage or make available different parts of the registry to different users.

Approval Process Principles  This section describes Approval, a process by which control is exercised over the data published to Oracle Service Registry.

PStore Tool  Describes a tool for management of protected stores for certificates and security identities.


Make sure Oracle Service Registry is running before attempting to use its consoles for configuration.

The Registry Control can be found at http://<hostname>:<port>/<context>/uddi/web and the Business Service Control can be found at http://<hostname>:<port>/<context>/uddi/bsc/web.


The context is specified during installation, default is registry.

Hostname and port are defined when Oracle Service Registry is installed. The default HTTP port is usually 8888.

Log on as administrator. Initially, the administrator's user name is set to admin and the password to changeit.


We strongly advise you to change the password for user admin once you have logged in.


Be very careful when editing the Operational business entity, or editing the taxonomy uddi-org:types. Modification of these structures can lead to registry instability.